1, Feb 2024
Used Boat Lifts For Sale

used boat lifts for sale

When buying a used boat lifts for sale, it’s important to shop around. Compare prices, quality, and guarantees to find the best deal on your new lift. While it is always better to buy a new boat lift, used lifts for sale are an excellent option for people who are looking to save money. The best place to start when shopping for a used lift is with the local HydroHoist dealer in your area. Most dealers will keep a small inventory of used lifts and will often be able to give you a limited warranty on them.

Anchoring Your Budget: What to Expect When Shopping for Boat Lifts – Pricing Guide

You may also want to check online classifieds and Facebook Marketplace for used lifts. It’s best to buy a lift that is in good condition and doesn’t look like it has been sat underwater for several years (a pressure wash will probably do the trick). If possible, try to find a used lift that comes with a dock platform or that can be easily attached to your existing one.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a used lift is how much your boat weighs when it’s fully loaded. This is known as the dry weight, and it’s very important to make sure your lift is rated to handle that amount or higher. Many times, older lifts are rated lower and will not be able to properly lift your boat. You’ll also want to shop for a lift style that is appropriate for your boat dock and slip width.

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