22, Feb 2024
Understanding the value of customized Rolexes

Everything about bust down Rolex watches

Understanding the value of customized Rolexes Bust Down, or “Iced Out” Rolex, is an original luxury watch that has been encrusted with diamonds and other precious gems. This customization technique has become popular in the luxury jewelry and watch market, as it offers a unique way to add a personal touch to your favorite timepiece.

Iced Out Rolex watches first emerged in the ’90s through hip-hop culture, with artists like Master P commissioning jewelers to customize their Rolex President models. This customization trend has since spread across the globe, with luxury enthusiasts seeking a unique way to express their individuality through their wristwear.

Understanding the value of customized Rolexes

While some purists may argue that any modification to a Rolex detracts from its inherent beauty, many enthusiasts see it as an opportunity to take the classic design of a Rolex and enhance it with a touch of flair. For example, a fully iced out Rolex Yacht-Master takes the iconic watch that has long been the symbol of luxury yachting and amplifies it with a nautical bezel studded with dazzling diamonds.

The overall value of an iced out Rolex can vary depending on the quality and quantity of gemstones used, as well as the price of the watch itself. For example, a less-complicated bust down watch with a standard bezel and diamond hour markers might cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. A more extravagantly customized iced out Rolex, such as one featuring several carats of precious gems encrusted on every surface of the watch, could cost up to $100,000 or more.

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