8, Dec 2023
Underground Car Park Coatings

underground car park coatings

Underground car park coatings and garages require floors that are hardwearing, easy to clean, anti-slip, chemically resistant and durable. The floor coatings also need to flex with the movement of the underlying concrete slab and be resistant to the effects of abrasion, atmospheric conditions, de-icing salts and automotive fluids.

In basement and multi-storey car parks, hydrostatic pressure can be a serious issue, particularly when there is a lack of sufficient drainage. This can lead to water ingress, causing corrosion of steel reinforcement and damaging the concrete structure. In addition, basement car park floors can be exposed to chemical contaminants such as fuels and lubricants. These can weaken coatings and accelerate concrete degradation, necessitating robust protection systems.

Subterranean Shield: The Importance of Specialized Coatings for Underground Car Parks

Epoxy floor coatings are a common choice for basement and multi-storey car parks. These durable resins are resistant to the abrasion and impact of heavy vehicles, provide good slip resistance, and dry quickly to return areas back into service. The use of bright, clean colors can help reduce claustrophobia in the basement or sunless car park decks and clearly demarcate sublevels or parking zones.

The surface of a car park floor needs to be able to withstand the twists and turns of thousands of vehicles, day in and out. A well-formed epoxy surface can flex with the vehicle’s movements, helping to prevent cracking. In addition, a resin floor that is textured with aggregates such as aluminium oxide or bauxite can enhance traction and reduce the ear-splitting squeal caused by friction between the wheel and smooth surfaces. This is especially important on ramps and tight-turning areas.

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