5, Apr 2024
The Impact of Football on National Identity

As a medium of cultural communication, football is an ideal way to spread ideas about the world. It is a popular sport that is accessible to many people and it provides fans with access to a wide range of international players. The positive reactions that many fans display towards imported players suggests that football possesses the potential to act as a catalyst for socially progressive attitudes towards other cultures. However, the increasing number of international players in youth elite football also raises questions about how this development is affecting hybrid identities.URL :UFABET.partners/blog/ufabet-เข้าสู่ระบบ/

This article uses narrative analysis to identify the different strands and trajectories of national identity development in youth football with a particular focus on Germany. We draw on interviews with players in German youth elite clubs to explore how they process national identity issues related to their migrant backgrounds. Specifically, we examine the dynamics that occur when the player is nominated for one or more national teams.

Goals and Glory: Exploring Football’s Impact on National Identity

The national identity issues that arise in football are relevant for students studying migration and identity because they illustrate how socially polarised views on nationhood can be expressed within a sports setting. This paper is designed to help students understand the complex nature of national identity issues in football by making them visible in the specific context of the recruitment structures and national team nominations in youth elite football.

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