12, Mar 2024
Snapchat Ads Examples

Whether you’re looking to drive app snapchat ads examples or increase sign-ups, Snapchat offers creative and effective ways to achieve your goals. Learn how brands like BUX and Fishbrain boosted their ROI with ad creative, data-driven audience targeting, and Auto Bidding.

A key to a successful Snapchat advertising strategy is aligning your creative with the objective of your campaign. Keeping your content short (six seconds or less) can help maximize swipe-up rates and conversions. Moreover, your Snapchat ads should be built for mobile consumption and look and feel natural.

Demystifying Data: Navigating the TikTok Ad Library”

To help with this, we recommend you use vertical video ads, which are optimized for the platform and can feature audio. You can also incorporate Snapchat lenses to make your ad more interactive and engaging.

This collection ad from Ralph Lauren does an excellent job of leveraging Snapchat’s features to capture your attention. Its visual aesthetics are cohesive with the brand’s overall image and tone, while it also drives users directly to their website.

The ad’s “Install Now” messaging is clear and direct, helping to drive high swipe-up and conversion rates. The ad is also well-optimized for mobile with an eye-catching image that shows off the app’s product features and style as native content. This mix of creative and strategic marketing helped BUX get insanely efficient results on the platform, including a 71% lower cost per acquisition than other social media platforms and 278% higher ROAS. You can check out more high-performing Snapchat ad examples on our Inspiration page.

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